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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Preparing for the Busy Day Ahead at Burnham Park

January is one of the coldest months of the year in our country, and for me, it’s the perfect time to go somewhere colder, Baguio City.

An overnight bus trip from Manila to the City of Pines, forms filled at the hotel and a quick breakfast at Session Road’s Chowking and we’re all set to rediscover Baguio City once again. The very first place to go to was at the heart of the city, Burnham Park.

A Morning Stroll Along Burnham ParkThis is where I’d like to spend my mornings in while in Baguio. I’d woke up while it’s still dark, grab a quick cup of cheap hot coffee from the vendors roaming the streets and wait for the sun peep through the park’s pine trees.

I never tire of Burnham Park.

Although I haven’t really tried to go paddling through the lagoon on the fancy mini-boats, nor pedaled through its grounds on rented bikes since my first time here as a kid, sitting alone at its many benches is enough for me.

Exercising at Burnham Park

I like watching people go by. Burnham Park is the morning capital of the city folks; they do their tai chi’s and aerobics here, they jog around the lagoon, read about today’s news on its benches, pass through its arcades on the way to school or work, have breakfasts along its eateries, and pass stories of the previous days over coffee.

At Burnham Park's Lagoon Burnham Park's Rose Garden Jewelry Vendor at Burnham Park

But for me, this is the place where I clear the cobwebs of sleep from my head. Days in Baguio starts at Burnham Park, well at least for me.
Burnham Park Stairs

Baguio 2011 Series

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  1. I was lucky enough to grow up in Pangasinan that the whole family could go up to Baguio even for just a day trip. Your pics brought back great memories & I can understand why you'll never tire of the place. I love coming here... Your beautiful pics makes me more homesick and jealous, hehe....

  2. i like people watching too, especially pag-nasa bus ako ppasok :)

  3. I like the last photo where the mature lady is going down stair while a child is going up. Life's significance. If we are now mature, our tendencies is to go back while if we were still young, obviously we are going up.:-). Ika nga, sa kasabihan, "papunta ka pa lang, ako, pabalik na". Maganda if you have a separate on this (with that last photo), christian, how about that?

  4. ^ nice one sir Bon.. umeemote! =)

    well I like the 2nd photo. very good framing.

  5. A visit to Baguio is not complete without at least stoping by at Burnham Park. A great place to people-watch and pig out on street food :)

  6. You might want to try the deal with Today they have MT. PULAG fopr only P2,698. That's round trip transportation to Baguio, 4 meals, park fees, camping gears and CD of photo documentation. It's 46% off so you guys might wanna check that site.

  7. Kalokang Pinay
    Wow swerte naman, daytrip to Baguio! Galing!
    Binalak ko rin dati mag-daytrip to Baguio eh, pero from Manila haha

    Interesting diba? hehe

    Actually yun ang orig na cover piece dapat, kaya lang naisip ko walang sense of identity na sa Burnham Park yung place kaya pinalitan ko ng pic ni Manong sa Burnham Lagoon. =)

    Haha oo nga eh

    Hehe oo tumatakas ako para bumili ng chicharon, isaw at fishballs =P