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Friday, April 01, 2011

Centris Walk in Quezon City

I was able to return to Quezon City’s up and coming food destination, Centris Walk, some weeks ago, so I’ll post a little update from my last year’s visit.

The food hub finally has its very own coffee house, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Caffeine lovers can now sip their favorite brew under the giant mushrooms. For seafood aficionados, Claw Daddy’s doors are now welcoming guests to taste their offerings.

The much-awaited Lazer Maxx Arena had also opened, with bump cars and a mini water zorb on the sides for the kids.  I also noticed a mini-train makingCentris Walk in Quezon City rounds along the complex.

Here are the rates for Lazer Maxx:
Walk on Water (3 minutes) - Php50.00
Bumper Cars (3 minutes) - Php50.00
Lazer Maxx (15 minutes) - Php170.00 weekdays, Php190.00 weekends
(Reservations Accepted: 0917-5590506)

A weekend market, one of the largest I’ve seen, had also been launched at the back part of the park; unfortunately I was unable to check out the wares being sold as the stalls were already closing when we got there.

There were still a lot of vacant concessionaires left at Centris though and Fully Booked is still nowhere to be seen. I also saw a new building being built, so we should be expecting more from this place in the coming months.

With the lighted giant mushroom canopies hovering above the park making you feel like you’re in the middle of a The Jetson’s set, the place was still as magical at night as when I last visited it.

Centris Walk in Quezon City Centris Walk in Quezon City
Centris Walk in Quezon City
Centris Walk in Quezon City Centris Walk in Quezon City


Click to view location on Google Maps

Centris Walk
Address: Eton Complex
EDSA corner Quezon Avenue
Quezon City, Metro Manila

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  1. NIce photographs! You used an Ultra Wide lens on these, right?

  2. wow, those huge umbrella-like, or whatever you call them, AWESOME!

    I like to see that place. More pictures please. :))

  3. Jag, Vhincci

    Yes, shot with a Tokina 11-16mm lens =)

    On my next revisit bro =)

  4. I love the shots, parang nasa future ang setting :)

  5. Ang nice ng pictures! I've been there,parang foreign country!

  6. Lenie
    Thanks! Ganda talaga jan lalo na pag gabi =)

  7. wow may ganyan sa QC?wanna visit there!=)

  8. Macy
    Yup, and there's more open resto now :)