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Friday, March 25, 2011

Galletas at Virgie's Bacolod

As customary for every Filipinos, we never leave a place before buying some pasalubong for our relatives back home. So we went right at it after having our breakfast at the Bacolod Business Inn.

There were quite a few souvenir houses in Bacolod City, but since we decided on just bringing home foodstuff, out list was shortened to three; Bongbong’s, Merci’s and Virgie’s. We went with the latter, having tasted their napoleones before. We actually didn’t have a hard time choosing where to get our pasalubong, it was always Virgie’s for us.

The store is named after its owner, Virgie Chua, who has been baking goodies for 37 years now. That hobby had now turned into one of the biggest brands in the province of Negros Occidental.

Virgie's Homemade Products in BacolodThe store has a never-ending variety of baked sweets; from tarts, cookies, breads, bars, puff pastries, sweets, cakes, to other local delicacies. Her bestsellers include mango and caramel tarts, galletas, butterscotches, meringues and of course, our favorite, napoleones.

Never fond of sweets, I surprisingly found their caramel tarts to be really, really good. A friend, who was one of our pasalubong receipient, went so far as to say that it was the best tart he’d ever tasted in his whole life. Popularly called as the boat tart due to its shape, its delicate crust is filled with creamy caramel and topped with meringue icing. Most tarts are quite hard to chew due to the crust, but not Virgie’s.

Described by their website as croissant-like with a sweeter twist; having a flaky crust outside, creamy custard cream inside and topped with light sugar icing, Virgie’s napoleones is the store’s ultimate bestseller. Sold only on the day it is baked, supplies usually run out as the day wears on, like the last time we went here. Better call them up and reserve yours if you plan to get a few boxes.

Shirts, magnets and and non-food what-nots are also available in the store for those looking for some Bacolod-themed souvenirs.

After an hour of shopping, our pasalubong filled two medium-sized boxes, quite modest really compared to the other visitors in their store. Now were’ ready to head back to Manila.

Tarts and Butterscotches at Virgie's Bacolod Virgie's Main Store in BacolodBarquillos at Virgie's Bacolod Masskara Masks at Virgie's Bacolod Virgie's Goody-Filled Store in Bacolod


Click to view location on Google Map Virgie’s Homemade Products
Address: 59 San Sebastian Street, Bacolod City
Contact Number: (34) 434-1788 | (34) 434-1588
Website: Click Here

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  1. paborito ko ung cheese tarts! as in! ang sarap neto. their mango and caramel tarts are just somethin else.

    and napoleones~ wow! just the thought of it makes my mouth water.



  2. i love taaarts! :D i'll make sure to go here when I visit bacolod :D

  3. what's good here also is that they are presented nicely... hindi ung nasa kung anu-ano lang... hindi basta-basta...

  4. Lestat
    Napoleones is the bomb!

    You'll definitely love their tarts!


  5. Hi! I was trying to look for the directions how to go Virgie's from Lacson Street but found nothing. I am glad because I found your blog. :) Would you mind sharing the directions to Virgie's from Lacson? TIA!

  6. Renee
    Just click on the google map above and you'd see where Virgie's is.

    It's four blocks (the left streets) away from The Business Inn. =)

  7. Good news to all Virgie's lovers out there! You can now buy these Virgie's goodies online ANYTIME at! Totally agree with Napoleones! Wish we could deliver the napoleones but their shelf life is really short .. and they might go bad in transit... But we do ship their best-sellers caramel tart and mango tarts and a lot more.

  8. BTW, don't worry about the shipping costs... the cost of shipping these goodies to you is way cheaper than flying to Bacolod .... are we right or are we right? :)

    1. Wow, that's nice to hear! I'm sure Virgie's fans would be ecstatic!