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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here's a rough sketch of our five-day stay in Bacolod.  This includes our side-trip in the cities of Silay and Talisay which is actually still part of Metro Bacolod: 

I T I N E R A R I E S   
  Day One
    Café Bob’s
    BREDCO Port Revisited
    Grand Regal Hotel 

  Day Two
    San Sebastian Cathedral
    Capitol Park & Lagoon
    La Corona Café
    Sweet Greens Deli Café
    Dinner at The Ruins

  Day Three
    San Diego Cathedral
    Silay Ancestral Houses 
    El Ideal Bakery & Refreshment
    The Bernardino Jalandoni Museum
    Balay Negrense Museum
    Café 1925
    Resto Grill sa Baybay

  Day Four
    Lupit Church
    Business Inn
    Virgie’s Homemade Products
    Starbucks Global Icon City Mug


    P717.60 - Roundtrip ticket Manila to Silay City Airport via Cebu Pacific Promo 
                  (2 Persons, P358.80 each)
    P400.00 - NAIA 3 Terminal Fee (2 Persons, P200.00 each)
    P400.00 - Silay Airport Terminal Fee (2 Persons, P200.00 each)
    P000.00 - Transfer from Silay Airport to Grand Regal Hotel (free)
    P300.00 - Transfer from Business Inn to Silay Airport (P150.00 each)

    * Jeepney, Tricycle, and Taxi fares not included for going about the city *

Accommodation: P2,929.00

    P999.00    - Twin-sharing room at Grand Regal Hotel | 1 night
                      Tel No. (034) 708-5888 | (034) 708-5588
    P1,920.00 - Twin-sharing room at Business Inn | 2 Nights (P960.00/night)
                      Tel No. (034) 433-8877 |

Food:  P3,311.00

    Day One   - P519.00
        P405.00 - Lunch at Café Bob’s 
        P114.00 - Grocery for coffee, snacks
    Day Two   - P1,230
        P160.00 - Breakfast at La Corona Café
        P265.00 - Lunch at Sweet Greens Deli Café  
        P190.00 - Snacks from Sweet Greens Deli Café (Banadas and Patties)
        P 80.00  - Calea cake dessert
        P535.00 - Dinner at the Ruins
    Day Three - P800.00
        P180.00 - Breakfast at El Ideal Bakery
        P170.00 - Early Lunch at Café 1925
        P450.00 - Dinner at Resto Grill sa Baybay
    Day Four - P762.00
        P369.00 - Breakfast at the Business Inn
        P393.00 – Lunch at Café Bob

     * Pasalubongs and Souvenirs not included *

T O T A L   S P E N D I N G S
    More or Less P8,047.60 (for two persons or 4,028.80 per person) 
Places that we were not able to visit or revisit:

    The nearby Guimaras Island
    Mambukal National Park
    Negros Beaches

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  1. Your blog makes me appreciate every place you visit. And oh! I love that hand writing! So artistic!

    >>>World of Vhincci

  2. asteeg ang 1st pic. tsaka i like the way you posted the itinerary here. d lng helpful ang ganda pa tignan. salamat sa pag-share! :)

  3. very detailed! nice. very helpful din :D

  4. Vhincci, Chinchanlakwatsero
    Thanks bro, arte ba sulat? haha

    Thepinaysolobackpacker, Lestat
    Thank you po =)

  5. Like the itinerary. sayang lang an Mambukal nde napuntahan.

  6. Thebham
    Oo nga eh, relax mode kasi kami. Next time siguro hehe

  7. This made me more excited to plan our Bacolod itinerary. Very helpful post! Your first pic reminds me of my travel moleskine that I use.

  8. Astrid
    Glad I can help! Moleskines are too expensive for me hehe

  9. Thanks for sharing this. Now i can breathe with a sigh of relief.

  10. Juanderfulpinoy
    No problem sir, always glad I can help
    Enjoy your trip! :)

  11. P717.60 - Roundtrip ticket Manila to Silay City Airport via Cebu Pacific Promo (2 Persons, P358.80 each)

    You forgot to count fuel surcharges, baggage surcharges, airport taxes, seat reservation, VAT, purchase fee and so on.
    Example: 1499 one way so 2998 round trip is at paying time around 5000.
    It is the final amount that counts, all the rest is advertising fairy tale by the airlines.

  12. Anonymous
    That Php717.60 price is the final amount, all in. This was way before the now much more expensive seat sales.

  13. Try to visit the house of Ramon Hofilena next time. It is the better "silay" experience when it comes to ancestral homes. Your guide will be Ramon Hofilena himself, he is iconic when it comes to Silay arts and heritage.