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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Resto Grill sa Baybay in Bacolod City

Since we were disappointed with the sunset we witnessed at the BREDCO Port on our first day in Bacolod, we decided to try it out once more before we left the city.

We trooped to the port by lateTropical Interiors at Resto Grill sa Baybay in Bacolod City afternoon, passing the throngs of people gathered at the plaza due to the approaching Masskara Festival. We arrived at the breakwater by 5:30pm, exactly as the sun was setting down.

Again, we were disappointed, no spectacular sunset in sight.

After a few photos, we decided to call it quits and started clambering up the wooden steps up a restaurant situated along the breakwater which was aptly called Resto Grill sa Baybay.

I’ve seen this restaurant from afar during our visit last year but was unable to take a closer look due to time constraints. This time though, we planned our visit with dinner in mind.

The grillhouse was spacious, with three sides opening up to sea, perfect for a sunset dinner. I was surprised that even though the water across the bay was murky, there was no odor coming off it unlike the seaside Dampa Restaurants found along Manila Bay. Wooden tables and benches fill up the floor, complimenting the tropical motif of the restaurant. Buttered Shrimp at Resto Grill sa Baybay in Bacolod City

Resto Grill sa Baybay’s menu consists of mostly native dishes, and for dinner we picked their Lechon Kawali (Php120.00), Buttered Shrimp (Php180.00) and Egg Salad on the side (Php45.00).

Serving time took a while, good thing we got good seats and the view was excellent.

The Buttered Shrimp was okay but  was lacking on the buttery taste. The Lechon Kawali was very crispy to the point of chicharon-crispy; it was a bit hard to chomp on but we did like it a lot. Our Egg Salad was nowhere to be found (I think they forgot it,Lechon Kawali at Resto Grill sa Baybay in Bacolod City and so did we hehe).

Dinner at Resto Grill sa Baybay would have been a pretty ordinary experience if not for its location. I’d recommend this place for those wanting to have a good view by while dining out and won’t mind average-tasting food.

And if you plan to have dinner here and don’t have a car, I advise that you don’t leave too late, as the path leading back to the tricycle terminal is totally unlighted and can feel quite dangerous.

Update: I was told that this restaurant has already closed off.

Blue Hour at Resto Grill sa Baybay in Bacolod City


Click to view location on Google MapsResto Grill sa Baybay
Address: BREDCO Port, Bacolod City
Contact Number: (034) 457-2742

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  1. you make the place look really special through your photos. nice work kahit walang sunset!

  2. galing christian. I'm back again in blogging. Kumusta?

  3. update lang sir, this place is no longer there... closed na daw.