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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Kawayanan Grill Station at Night

I found Kawayanan Grill Station during my stroll around town earlier that afternoon, I thought it looked pretty cool with its native motif and airy layout so I marked it as one of the restos we’ll try out during our stay in Coron
Kawayanan Grill Station's BarThe grill was openly arranged on a stone-paved atrium with bamboo huts and parasols lining up its perimeter.  The main bar holds it all together, being located on a tiki hut right smack in the middle of everything. The atmosphere’s laid back; it was something you’d expect to see on a beach, but since the town of Coron really had no beachfront, we’ll just have to make-believe we’re on one.

After browsing through their menu which consists mostly of typical grilled meat, seafood and Filipino dishes, we settled for their vegetable curry and pork liempo. The meal cost us Php390.00 inclusive of rice and drinks, we thought that the serving size was a little bit small for the price.

The food was okay; their pork liempo was tender but pretty ordinary, we did like their vegetable curry a lot though.

The staff was quite friendly (this was where we got our boatman which was referred by one of the waiters) and service was efficient. They also have shirts and souvenir items right beside the street for those looking for a little something to bring back home.

Despite the slightly higher price, Kawayanan Grill is a pretty nice place to dine or drink the night away after a tiring trek up Mount Tapyas or a full day’s tour at the nearby islands.
Bamboo Food Cottages at Kawayanan Grill Station Vegetable Curry at Kawayanan Grill StationPork Liempo at Kawayanan Grill Station The Bar at Kawayanan Grill Station

Kawayanan Grill Station
Address: Don Pedro Street near the Municipal Hall
Contact Number: (0905) 320-2376

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  1. we had the crab when we went there in august and it was good...

  2. Anonymous
    We'll try that next time we're in Coron =)

  3. We ate at Kawayanan's Grill at Coron on May 2, 2011, 9pm...

    Some other bad reviews :


    And here's my REAL REVIEW of their (TERRIBLE) SERVICE(also posted this at

    1. staff
    - ate on May 2, 2011, dinner, 9pm, and staff/(the 2 waitresses) were terrible...
    - served pitcher ice tea first, then we asked to have it stored in the ref first since food was not yet served. When it was served back, ice melted(no more ice), and it wasn't that cold anymore
    - the waitress DIDN't TAKE DOWN our order of 1 SEAFOOD grill, so it wasn't served
    - very unfriendly staff... kawayanan grill wasn't full at that time
    2. FOOD
    - the bulalo was TERRIBLE! only good for 1 person, and very HARD!
    - did I mention that seafood grill wasn't served? We followed up the seafood grill when I was halfway done with my rice, and found out that it wasn't taken down.
    - we just feasted on the bagoong served with the kangkong... That was the only food that became our vian...
    We ordered :
    1 bulalo
    1 seafood grill
    1 kangkong with bagoong
    4 rice
    1 pitcher ice tea

  4. I am a also guest of Coron, and found out that Kawayanan Grill despite its service flaws, gives quite a good mark in all restos of Coron. And the food is so great it made me forget the small things our waiter missed out. My experiences were so much even worse at the other places I went to!!! Anyway, for me Kawayanan still rocks!!

  5. I ate here 2 days ago with 2 fellow travelers and had a very bad experience,overpriced and way too small portions.
    I ordered a beef dish mentioned on the menu as serving 2,ordered a side dish of garlic rice (none served standard with the dish at 250PP!).
    The dish existed of practically only bones and some vegetables and the portion served about half a person in stead of 2.
    The other guys ordered a pork and chicken bbq which were also incredibly small portions.

    So in the end we went to the canteen style place on the main square (next to the market) where we finally filled our stomachs.
    If there's any restaurant in Coron I can really recommend it would have to be that one, low prices,good food (especially liked the beef mami, 40PP) and decent portions.
    Don't get me wrong there are probably more decent restaurants in Coron but Kawayanan Grill I definitely don't recommend.