PALAWAN | An Afternoon Walk at Coron

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The View at Coron's Baywalk

Not wanting to waste any time while in Coron, instead of resting the afternoon away as we had hardly any sleep the night before, I headed off outside for a stroll around town. I thought I’d familiarize myself a bit with the place; get acquainted with the locals, check the plazas, look for places to eat out and generally just get a feel of the town.

The Coron Town Hall
Coron looks like any other developing provincial locale, what differentiates it though is the underlying economy behind it, fishing and tourism. The town is quite rich, being classified as a first class municipality, earningPeople Coming Ashore from a Boat in Coron, Palawan at least fifty million pesos every year.

The streets coming from the hotel were quite steep, it being part of the mountain’s foot I presume, but it generally flattens out as I reached the market area

Right beside the busy market a new tourism office was in the works (the current one is located near the Municipal Hall) and behind it was a sprawling plaza that looks out across the waters to the Coron Island. With such nice views and fresh air, it’s definitely a nice place to hang out in.
A Coron Old Timer Mends DressesI followed the coastline all the way to the barren part of the plaza. It looks like it was being readied for construction. I approached a local and asked if something was indeed gonna be built there, he said that it was being developed as a commercial center, complete with Jolibee’s and Starbucks. The price of development I guess.

I feel that this would kinda ruin the provincial atmosphere of the place; in my humble opinion the small town of Coron should be left as it is, it’s part and parcel of the place’s charm.

I explored the town a bit further before heading back to the hotel; taking notes of the food places, banks and plazas that I passed by as we’re gonna spend almost a week here.

The sun was slanting down when I reached the hotel; time to climb the mountain out back.

A Typical Fishing Village in Coron The Expensive Coron Gateway HotelA Road Side Slipper Store in Coron Unloading Supplies at Coron's Dock

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  1. this is sad really, coron doesnt need a commercial center. it's charming as it is, and finding the unassuming bistros around it is always fun. oh well.. :<

  2. Lestat
    The small local businesses would be the ones who'd suffer with the development I guess..

  3. Hi,

    We'll be going to coron by january next year. Our arrival will be at 2pm. chances are we won't be able to go island hopping anymore since it would already be too late in the day, so what can you suggest? also, our departure from coron will be at 1pm, again we're wondering what we can do for the first half of the day before we head to the airport.

    thank you!

  4. Anonymous
    For the first day, you can do what I did; after lunch, I went out and explored and familiarized myself with the small town of Coron (it's really really small). Then later that afternoon, we went hiking up to Mt. Tapyas for the sunset.

    For the last day, you may do your souvenir shopping before heading to the airport :)

    Here's our itinerary during our Coron trip: