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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

NAIA Terminal III

“Want to go visit your aunt in Iloilo this coming Wednesday?” My aunt asked me. “Yes, of course” I immediately replied. I just can’t resist an unplanned trip to anywhere. Wednesday was a week from now, and it just so happened that it was also my rest day.
Breaking Dawn Outside NAIA Terminal III 
Totally unprepared, I hurriedly asked my cousins who else was coming. A few raised hands, but two days prior to the flight date, everyone backed out.

So it was gonna be just me and my aunt.

I booked a flight at Cebu Pacific’s website but was unable to finad a piso-fare sale. We got Php499.00 one-way tickets instead. Still not bad.

I researched a bit about Iloilo City, which is gonna be our destination. Lots of old churches in Jaro, so Deserted Drop Off Point at NAIA Terminal IIItripod’s coming along.

On the day of the flight, we arrived at the sleek-looking NAIA Terminal III at 5:30AM. Our flight’s still at 8:40AM. Pretty early eh? You’d think I’m already obsessive compulsive, wait ‘til you meet my aunt.

Well, it’s just as well, I can finally photograph this new terminal. Correction, relatively new terminal.

Construction on NAIA III started in 1997 and was supposed to be completed by 2002. It was however delayed due to legal and technical issues. It finally opened in 2008. Six productive years lost to red tapes.
The design is very modern as was to be expected from the renowned Architectural group of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. Cool steel-clad paneling, massive walls of glass, steel beams and girders. The 640 million dollar airport can accommodate Well-Lighted Sleek Interiors at NAIA Terminal III13 million passengers every year.

Wandering inside its high-ceilinged halls did take a toll Inside Cebu Pacific's Planeon my stomach.

Well, this was to be expected as I was unable to have breakfast before going off, leaving so early.

Good thing there are a lot of fast food stalls inside the airport. Two-Piece Chickenjoy it was.

After hours of walking, it was finally time to board the plane. I let my aunt have the window seat as this was gonna be her first time flying (come to think of it, I actually never had a chance to sit near the window on any of my previous flights, oh well).

The flight was uneventful, and we were landing at the Iloilo Airport faster than I expected.

I’m excited as a jumping kangaroo (sorry couldn’t think of anything hehe), a whole new locale to explore, welcome to Iloilo!

Almost Iloilo, Guimaras Island in ViewTouching Down at Iloilo Airport
Disembarking from the Plane at Iloilo Airport The New Iloilo Airport

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  1. Hi Sir, idol ko po kayu. Parang gumanda ang Cebu Pacific plane hehehe. Love your shots!!

  2. Ada
    Salamat Ada, touching naman may nagkaka-idol na sakin haha =P
    Hope you can drop by often! =]

  3. Bro, bakit ndi mo ipasa sa NAIA yng una mong shot? ang lufet!