CAVITE | Seven Meals at The Coffee Farmhouse

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To cram the full Coffee Farmhouse experience into just one post I feel would be a great injustice to the place so I am dedicating a full article just for the food they served us during our stay there.

Upon confirming our reservation thru e-mail (we had a hard time getting thru their celphone), we were given a list of dishes to choose from. We were asked to pick our brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, the next day breakfast, brunch and lunch. That’s a total of seven lip-smacking, gut-busting, home-cooked meals.

Leaving Manila at around 7am, we were unable to make it to their 10am brunch. They moved our missed meal without us even asking if we can have it as an afternoon snack the next day. Now that is excellent service if you ask me.

Now on with the food.  20100719-COFFEEFARM-COLLAGE-001

First meal at the farmhouse; lunch. We had pritong lumpiang shanghai (fried pork spring rolls) and ginataang sitaw at kalabasa (squash and stringbeans on coconut milk). What surprised us was that main meals were also accompanied with desserts.  And the first one we had were four slices of sweet melons.

Clubhouse Sandwich

We were still quite full with our first meal when the our afternoon snack was served, four huge chunks of clubhouse sandwiches with some potato chips thrown in for good measure.

The weather turned cold during the late afternoon and it started drizzling. Quite perfect for the sinampalukang manok (chicken on tamarind broth) that we chose for dinner. The side dish was pritong lumpiang togue (fried breansprouts spring rolls) and dessert was a cup of creamed apple chunks sprinkled with cashew nuts.  20100720-COFFEEFARM-COLLAGE-001

For breakfast, we were originally choosing between tapsilog (fried beef jerky, rice and egg) and corned beef. We ended up as with the photo above, the corned beef. We were given a choice of having omelet or salted red eggs with tomatoes and we went with the latter. Ripe bananas were served as desserts.

Brunch - Maruya (Fried Banana Fritters)

Maruya (fried banana fritters) was served as brunch. Really tasty but we were really having a hard time finishing everything off. We brought the leftovers with us for our ride back to Manila instead.

After a few hours, it was time to eat again. This time it was fried chicken and mushroom soup. For desserts, we were served with really sweet pineapple chunks (unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a photo of it and I can’t recall why haha).  This is the only meal that we were able to finish everything.

For our last meal, it was buko crumble pie (coconut crumble pie), definitely one of the best we ever tasted.

And of course there is the never-ending cups of barako coffee. I lost count as to how many cups we had.

Considering how wonderful the place was, the Php2,175.00 per person spent for an overnight stay at The Coffee Farmhouse is definitely money well spent even with just the seven meals served with it. The serving was just so generous that we were literally asking them if they could serve us lesser portions. I did feel that we’ve gained a few pounds after staying here.


The Coffee Farmhouse
Address: 23 Palumlum-Matagbak Road, Brgy. Palumlum, Alfonso, Cavite
Contact Number: (0928) 555-5856

Getting There:
From Manila, board any of the Nasugbu bound busses [P90.00+] and ask the driver to drop you off at Splendido.
From there, they will pick you off with their van straight to the farm.

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  1. wow, some of the best-tasting simple home-cooked meals i've ever tasted in my life. just like how your mama cooked and prepared them.

    am usually picky with my corned beef, but that one we had was really, really tasty and yummy. the mushroom soup,wow. sinampalukang manok--really perfect for that drizzly night.

    but i really recommend you order is their BUCO CRUMBLE PIE for snack.. wow, that was really something else.. 'twas beyond yummy. heheh.

    remember to use their amenities people, as you wait for lunch, merienda, or supper. shoot some hoops, have a game or two of billiards or darts, have some quick laps in the pool. basta do something, anything para magutom ulit kayo ;> the food here just keep coming. :D

  2. Sobrang ganda na nga ng itsura niya, parang sobrang sarap din nung pagkain! Nyummm! Ginutom ako bigla…

  3. Lestat
    That's right! Better burn those calories before the next meal comes along as they arrive every three hours! =P

    Try visiting the place po, malapit lang naman sya sa Manila. =)

  4. daena grace magpantay-carreonAugust 25, 2010 at 11:18 PM

    nakakagutom naman!

    gusto ko na marating yan! :D

  5. Daena
    Last week of September? Game? =]