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Friday, March 05, 2010

Hotels fronting the Manila Bay

One of the most photographed nightspot in Manila is the towering skyline of the Roxas Boulevard as seen from the breakwater of the Cultural Stone dikes built around the bayCenter of the Philippines. With bobbing white boats docked along the Manila Yacht Club acting as foregrounds; the buildings reflect their glowing electric hues on the dark rippling waters of Manila Bay.
The CCP was built by former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos in the late 60’s to promote and preserve Filipino arts and culture. National Artist Leandro Locsin was commissioned in designing the complex.

Apart from the shows presented in the halls of the CCP, the waters of Manila Bay surrounding the complex is an attraction in itself. Off to the right of the Main CCP building is Harbour Square. Formerly a vacant ground for cycling; it has since been converted into a conglomerate of restaurants and coffee bars. Being directly in front of the bay, it is quite perfect for dining, al fresco style.Hanging out at Harbour Square

Walk along a few meters more; past the Folk Arts Theater and the Coconut Palace is the Chinese Floating Restaurant (now closed) and Gloria Maris. Dining on either of these restos would take quite a toll on your wallet though. 

Nevertheless, having no dough is no barrier in having a grand time in this place. The pier extending into the vastness of the Manila Bay requires no fee and people from all walks of life take pleasure in relaxing on this windy strip.

This is the perfect spot to watch the famed sunset of Manila Bay. Backdropped against Bataan’s Mt. Mariveles, the wharf has the perfect vista when it comes to viewing the last rays of the Manila sun. From this vantage, you can see the Mall of Asia on your left, the skyscrapers of Roxas on the right and straight on ‘till the early evening light; the shimmering bay of Manila.

Manila is a top destination to visit in the Philippines. Although growing in popularity, there are other cities throughout the Philippines that offer things this quaint city does not. Like Batangas, for instance, this city contains some of the world’s most famous Volcanoes as well as great diving locations. You can enjoy a day of sightseeing and then go take a stroll downtown to check out the city’s nightlife. Lined along the streets are Filipino restaurants, bars, and shops that are sure to catch your attention. Visiting this intriguing city is easy with the number of Batangas hotels available. Whether you end up in Manila or Batangas the Philippines is a great place to visit.

A fisherman preparing for the last hours of the day
A man enjoying the refreshing air of Manila Bay Ball of fire Evening light across the bay

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  1. the most perfect place for sunset. kaya pala dito ka nakipag date nung balentayms haha :P

  2. It is pitiful that I haven't gone to this place. Ganda ng photos mo bro! Interesting story too!

  3. Thanks Lestat and Ding for visiting!

    Ding, I suggest you visit this place, during weekends, lots of families enjoying the area and of course lots of photo opportunities. =)

  4. Gorgeous photos of our city! :)

  5. parang hongkong lang

  6. Thanks Kat and Janet!
    Haven't been to Hong Kong though. =P

  7. Back in the '80s and late '90s I was a regular here. Both eras on different point of views. My family and I always visited the CCP grounds during Sundays and I still remember vividly Manila Bay's serene waves and the massively built structures of art.
    When I was back here as an independent individual, going through identity crisis and fighting my way along the streets as an urban cyclist, I remember this place as a mix of the elite and the proletariat.
    Both cases of my point of view being clear contrasting realities.
    So refreshing to see this snapshots again.
    This time on the web and I'm miles away from my beloved country.


  8. dondonbridz
    I remember your stories regarding this place. I also visited this place once on your recommendation.

    True regarding the people in the area. Imagine a superexpensive resto along a wharf where regular folks dip in the not so clean waters of the bay for their leisure time.

  9. cool shots. there are also 2 great open air pier-type bar and resto hangouts to chill out!

  10. Palseeit
    Thanks, yup there are lots of open air restaurants in the area