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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Casa San Pablo in Laguna

It was years ago since I first heard about a quaint little resort at the heart of San Pablo, Laguna.  I have pretty much forgotten about it until just about recently when having ran out of places to go to near the metro; I rediscovered the place called Casa San Pablo.

With our vacation leaves approved, cameras loaded, and bags packed, we headed out to Laguna first thing in the morning right after work.
A niche inside the dining hall at Casa San Pablo
Locating the place was a breeze as there was detailed instruction in the resort's website on to how to get there. We boarded a Lucena bound bus in Cubao and asked the driver to drop us off at San Pablo Medical. The ride took about three hours, which could have been cut down to two if not for some heavy works being done at the South Luzon Expressway. After boarding down, a five minute tricycle drive took us straight to the gates of the Casa.

The Casa is about six hectares large; sports two pools, lots of quirky rooms, a main dining hall and large grassy fields for strolling, running and stargazing.

If you are looking for kookiness and colors, this place have it in piles.  Knick knacks of every kind abound from every nooks and crannies. From old literary convention posters, life-sized wooden sculptures, postal office lockers, vintage mopeds; everything is mixed and matched to form the motif of the Casa.
Second floor dining hall at Casa San Pablo
Imagine Baguio’s ultra eccentric Oh My Gulay, combine it with the outdoor/indoor feel of Tagaytay’s Bag of Beans; then mix it with the ambience of your Grandma's home, and you’ve got Casa San Pablo in a nutshell.

The food was also at par with the inn. Everything we sampled was just perfect. It’s like going to your favorite Lola’s house and having a buffet of her every special dishes. I especially can never forget their super crunchy Lechon de Pugon. The name of the dish is the real deal, your dinnermates would swear you were eating chicharon instead of Lechon.  I’ll bet you have never tasted Lechon like theirs yet.  Their Bulalo was also delicious, and it complimented the drizzly weather we had during our stay quite nicely too.

And of course the man of the house is not to be outgunned by his Casa, you've just got to meet the owner of this great place, Mr. Boots Alcantara.  A laid down and relaxed guy, he was really very welcoming to his guests.  He’s very hands on too, even helping out in arranging the dining area for us.  We enjoyed having little chitchats with him during our stay.
Staying overnight will set you back at least a couple of thousand pesos, but if you want to get away from the bustle of city for little while, forget about television, turn down the noise, clear your lungs, and dilute yourself with nature; then it is worth all your saved Pesos.  Have no second thoughts, Casa San Pablo is the place to go to.

As one of the many articles on the wall of their dining hall proclaimed; this is Casa Fantastica indeed.

An Old Mailbox at Casa San Pablo Sun Carving at Casa San Pablo Room Number 2 at Casa San Pablo Window details on one of Casa San Pablo's Rooms

The Casa is open daily, but reservation is required
Contact their super cool owner at (0917) 812-6687

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  1. how about the bottomless hot choco? :> not just any other commercial choco, but the ever yummy tsokolate de batirol. panalo ang casa fantastica and si sir boots :>

  2. wow mukhang masarap magrelax dito

  3. My wife and I fell in love with this place.

    It was quiet and had some nice people workin' in it, too.

    We met the owner's mom and she gave us a tour around her humble house. Bubbly woman.

    Thanks for visiting my site. :)

  4. Thanks Lestat, Mom and RetroManila for dropping by. Indeed a good place to wind down. =)

  5. Ganda naman dito, vintage ang itsura. Isama mo kami sa susunod mong punta :D

  6. Sige sama ka Tep, basta KKB ha hehe =P

  7. i wanna go there tooo.. galing ng shots! amazing angles!

  8. Thank you! Madali lang po pumunta jan =)

  9. Hi there! Just dropped by to say I am amazed by your blog and your journey to all these. :) God bless you!

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