NEGROS OCCIDENTAL | Sunset at Bacolod’s BREDCO Port

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sunset at the BREDCO Port

After the exhaustive trip from Mambukal Resort, we had a late lunch at Café Bob's along Lacson street. 

The café was recommended to us by a local flickr contact, Anne Acaso, and she described it as a much more affordable Starbucks.  I definitely concur and would go as far as to say that it is far better than Starbucks.  Their pasta was really tasty; their fraps, delightful; and their burger, wBredco Port's Rocky Shorelineell, simply one of the best I've ever had.  To top everything off, their prices were really affordable.

We were still undecided if we would still head out to the BREDCO
Port [See Map] to shoot the sunset as the sun was already dipping down the horizon when we finished our very late lunch.  After browsing some of the photos taken at the port in flickr, we eventually decided to go.

The pier is just a quick ride away via a Libertad jeep (Php7.00) and a pedicab from the cathedral to the breakwater (Php10.00). 

However, as beautiful as the sunset was, the port was unfortunately littered with garbage.  I know that this was to be expected on a busy harbor, however, the area’s full potential can easily be utilized as a beautiful park for the Negrenses if only care and attention would be given by the local government. Think Baywalk and Marikina River Park and I bet people would just flock to the area (which they actually do now, but what more if it was cleaned up and developed).

There was also this curious restaurant located at the far end of the pier's breakwater.  I was really hoping to at least check the place out as the view seemed quite interesting from their vantage, we however had no chance to do so as we had to hurry back to Lacson to buy our pasalubongs lest the store we’re supposed to buy in closed on us. 

The said store, Virgie’s, is located at the far end of Lacson corner San Sebastian and we were told that it was the best place to buy delicacies to bring back home.  I find their Napoleones and tarts really good, given that I’m really not into sweets, that’s saying something.

So ended our almost last day in Bacolod, for early tomorrow we fly back out to Manila.

A Child Looks on as the Sun Sets at Bacolod's Bredco Port Boat Building in the Middle of Bacolod's Waters A Boat Setting Out for the Day at Bacolod's Bredco PortA Man Washes Down from a Hard Day's Work at Bacolod's Bredco Port

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  1. wow uwa is luv talaga! love those pix especially the bottom photo.

    i miss bacolod bec of bob's. one of the best-tasting carbonara i ever had. and surprisingly affordable ha. would've been perfect had the staff been more friendly [sorry had to point that one out]. and virgie's yes, the best tart--caramel tart! cheers to anne for suggesting this.

    yes you're right about bredco. got turned off with the litter, but as you said, this place is promising. you made it look beautiful though, with your pictures and all. congrats!

  2. The staff could have been more friendly yes ehehe..
    Thanks for dropping by Lestat! =)

  3. hayy... pasta! my favorite!

    thanks for some tarts. i got to taste the best tart in my life so far :p

  4. Haha I agree Glen, I don't normally like tarts, but theirs is really something!