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St. Martin Bulaluhan Baguio

It was raining in Baguio City and we wanted a bowl of piping hot bulalo (beef shank soup). We know there are a lot of eateries hawking bulalo in the city so there really was no challenge in finding one. Staying at the Paragon Hotel & Suites near Burnham Park, we found one such eatery near Rizal Park, what surprised us though, was that besides bulalo, they also have pigar-pigar, a Pangasinan dish, on their menu!

The name of the restaurant is St. Martin Breadhouse Bulaluhan. Alright, we really can’t see any bread, but that was alright—we wanted our bulalo with a steaming cup of white rice. Apparently, their original branch is located at Umingan in Pangasinan, and they do have a bakery in that particular eatery. That explains the mystery name, and the pigar-pigar.

St. Martin Bulaluhan Baguio

As with most food joints we visit, St. Martin’s has nothing fancy up its sleeve. The eatery is open-aired, with simple green and yellow painted walls and varnished heavy wooden chairs and tables. They have readily cooked food, carinderia-style, and I was hoping they’d have fried tortang talong (eggplant omelet), which I bet would go well with the pigar-pigar. No such luck though.

St. Martin Bulaluhan Baguio

On the menu posted along their walls, along with the single-serve bulalo and pigar-pigar, we saw knuckles, which I assume to be pork knuckles in nilaga soup, and papaitan. We would’ve tried them too, but I don’t think we can finish everything. So, bulalo and pigar-pigar it was.

Serving time was very quick, the bulalo, of course, is already pre-cooked, but the pigar-pigar still has to be fried, I think. The two was served to us hot, which was perfect with Baguio’s chilly weather.

St. Martin Bulaluhan Baguio Pigar Pigar

Pigar-pigar, is a streetfood common in Pangasinan. We tried it before at Great Taste Pigar-Pigar, one of the more famous restaurant serving the dish in Dagupan, and we really liked it. The meat, stir-fried and served with a few strips of leafy greens and onions, is made from carabeef.

St. Martin Bulaluhan Baguio Bulalo

And so was St. Martin’s pigar-pigar. It has that rich flavor that can only be achieved from carabeef but has none of the funky taste—it was prepared quite well. Instead of the usual cabbage leaves, they use sitsaro (snow peas), which was actually quite fine. Their bulalo was also quite superb, the meat was very tender and the broth, supremely delicious. Unlike most bulalo though, it has no veggies with it.

Rainy Baguio weather and hot bulalo plus a bonus dish of pigar-pigar. Heaven.

St. Martin Breadhouse Bulaluhan
Address: 20 Otek Street cor. Benjamin Salvosa Drive,
              Baguio City, Benguet
Contact Number:
Open Hours: Open 24 Hours Everyday
GPS Coordinates Map: 16.412544, 120.592451


Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Sunday, September 4, 2016