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The Demon of Malabon Cemetery

The cemetery a few hundred steps away from the place where I grew up has a secret.

We used to jump along its tombs during hot summer days when there was nothing else to do and my friends used to fly kites from the highest mausoleums on October months where the wind is at its strongest. My grandfather, who now rest inside its hallowed grounds, used to take walks here every morning where I occasionally accompany him.

Malabon CemeteryThe Malabon City public cemetery has been our playground of sorts during my growing up years. But it holds a terrible secret. An inverted icon of the Catholic faith that sends chills through my young mind; an almost life-size sculpture of a feral devil standing over Archangel Michael with a fork aimed at his face.
Crumbling Bas Relief of Adam and EveA marker on the left reveals an exchange between Lucifer and St. Michael; the devil proclaiming that he owns the world and St. Michael pleading to the people. On the right is a crumbling bas relief of Adam and Eve, probably a symbol of the first sin of Man.

Lucifer Standing Over St. MichaelStories about the perverse statue abound. Some say that the figures used to be small and supernaturally grew each year to its current height. A few whisper about the devil roaming around the graveyard at night. And more stories pervade about the tomb below the sculpture, which up to this day remains blank and probably empty.

St. Michael Being Crushed by the DevilBut everything about the controversial icon have all been hearsays, stories that has been passed from one generation to the next; for the sculpture is very old. Older that a 60-year old lady I talked to who says it’s been there since she was a kid.

The shroud of mystery however soon lifted as Noli de Castro of the infamous show, Magandang Gabi Bayan, visited our town one October some years past to feature the Demon of Malabon on its always anticipated Halloween chiller.

The Devil Over Simeon Bernardo's TombIt was revealed that Simeon Bernardo, the person buried on the lower tomb, specifically asked his children to build the sculpture over his grave to remind society that darkness has taken over the world; the devil has won and there is no God.

Simeon, who died in 1934, suffered a bitter fate during the Spanish Regime in the Philippines. Accused as a filibuster, he was imprisoned in Fort Santiago and was mercilessly tortured by the government. The ordeal made him believe that God does not exist and indoctrinated the belief to his children.

The Devil of Malabon Cemetery at NightNow encased in iron bars to protect from stones thrown by people, the bizarre image of the devil beating down upon an archangel is an unsettling reminder of how society was back then. And according to the Bernardo clan, they will reverse the statue and put St. Michael on top once they see that the world that their great grandfather witnessed has already changed from the one he saw centuries decades back.

Malabon Location Map

Malabon Municipal Cemetery
Address: Simeon Bernardo Tomb, Brgy. Tugatog, Malabon City

GPS Coordinates: 14.660813,120.968804
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Wednesday, October 31, 2012


  1. still scary. i don't think i could play in this area if I was kid living nearby.

  2. madalas ako dumaan sa harap nito pag pumupunta kme sa bahay ni misis sa Malabon pero di ko pa ito napasok, interesting pala mga feature & story, ayos to! salamat sa share, you're cooooool!

  3. yeah, i know. i think that is true in america, as well. everything is going downhill, and the corrupt zionist govt is trying to control everyone, with the help of the Illuminati. so, we all need to spread the Holy Spirit throughout the internet to prove to everyone that God is much stronger than zionism and Illuminati powers.

  4. that guy had it 50% right. from what i know, tama naman Satan has been given the world to rule until the 2nd coming of christ but that's just my christian side expressing my beliefs. a bible character went through the same fate as that guy, too, pero job found redemption towards the end. unfortunately that guy did not. sad. love the close up of the angel statue.

  5. Anny
    Happy Halloween hehe

    Haha it's really not as scary if you grew up in the area

    Sayang sana chineck-out mo sir :D


    Turista Trails
    Yeah si Job nga tama :)

  6. Simeon Bernado died in 1934 this was not "centuries ago" as is stated in the last paragraph. Also, being over 60 years old doesn't make something "ancient." Who wrote this?

  7. thanks for this! please allow me to borrow your photo giving credits to your blog of course :D

  8. WOW! Thanks for sharing this! familiar ako dito sa mga rebulto na to naalala ko nung nasa elementary ako sa MCDC(Maranatha Children's Devt Center) dito ako sa sementeryo dito sa bisig ng nayon dumadaan kapag galing ng eskwela...ngayon ko lang nalaman ang istorya nito bukod sa wala ako mapagtatanungan noon..very interesting!

    1. Wow, I also went to Maranatha (kinder 1 and 2) :D

  9. Hi,just want to know if you're living near bisig ng nayon area.and do u know someone named Rodel Baruela? His the son of Naty Baruela.please text me,+639052317100.thank u n God bless 😊

    1. Hi Esperanza, sorry I don't know anyone with that name

  10. I lived that area before. Katabi ng tinitirhan ko mga was scary at first, pro nasanay din ako.i'm not aware na my magandang kwento pala dun.

    Hope u can help me,locate this person.nasa loob or gilid ng sementeryo house nila.thank u once again.

    1. Indeed, our house is also just a hop away from the cemetery. But you get used to it :)

  11. woooo paano ako makakatulog nya galing pero ang saya basahin