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Group of Muslims Congregating Inside Manila's Golden Mosque

It was starting to drizzle as I passed the ornate gates of the largest Muslim mosque in Manila.

I thought back to the afternoons when usually I catch a glimpse of Quiapo's shining mosque through a jeepney window with the lowering sunrays glinting on its gleaming dome. This house of worship for our Muslim brothers had always intrigued me, and I can't believe that I'm actually about to visit and photograph it.The Manila Golden MosqueDubbed as The Golden Mosque or Masjid Al-Dahab in Arabic, its name originated from the huge gold dome that sits on top of its rafters.  But besides that, it seemed everything else inside the mosque is also painted in yellow gold.

The mosque has quite an interesting history, being originally built in 1976 by the former First Lady Imelda Marcos to accommodate then Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi's failed visit to the country. Despite missing its intended host, it now serves as the Manila's center of Islamic faith.

Mosaic Wall at the Far End of Manila's Mosque

Before entering, we were required to remove our shoes; for females, shawls are obligatory as their heads should be completely covered. Sleeveless shirts, shorts and skirts are also not allowed.

I really have no idea what an inside of a mosque looks like, and I was quite surprised to find it bare of pews or benches that are typical of Christian churches. What it has are multitudes of columns; lots and lots of columns. And located on the foot of these are Korans that the faithful uses in their prayers. Religious Literature Inside Quiapo MosqueThe Muslims have a different way of worshipping than us Christians.

They usually pray five times a day and do so by facing Mecca, which they consider to be the holiest place on Earth. They recite a series of prayers; standing, bowing, prostrating and sitting. Well it's obviously more complicated than my simple description as I've observed inside their temple.
The Manila Golden MosqueMosques or masjids as they call them are more than houses for prayers too. Here the community gathers for information dissemination, education and dispute settlements.

The architecture of the Golden Mosque is very much in keeping with typical Arabic architecture; pointed arches, multitudes of columns, gilded finishes, ornate iron works, colorful mosaic walls, domes and minarets. It was as if I was suddenly transported to the southern islands of our country.
Gates of the Manila Golden MosqueWe spent more than hour at the mosque; thoroughly documenting the structure, photographing the kids playing nearby and some were even lucky to photograph the school out back that teaches Arabic to the community. 

The Golden Mosque of Quiapo may not have been impressive as the mosques I've seen on books and postcards, but being inside it was a rich cross-cultural experience that made me appreciate the spiritual side of our Muslim brethren.
Interior of the Manila Golden Mosque

Manila Golden Mosque and Cultural Center
Address: Globo De Oro Street, Quiapo, Manila
Contact Number: (0928) 465-5552 | (0917) 950-1925

Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Friday, October 14, 2011


  1. wow. salamat sa pagdala sa min sa loob ng mosque. ;->

    love love that pic of the ornate wall with a kid. sakto!

  2. ang astig.. nakapasok ka na sa isang mosque. ngayon ko lang nalaman yung history nito, amazing.

  3. "The Golden Mosque of Quiapo may not have been impressive as the mosques I've seen on books and postcards"

    yet you managed to make it look impressive and grandeur sa mga mata ko at napa wow ako lalo! thanks for bringing us inside this mosque Chris :-)

  4. ganda! did you go there with a Muslim friend? did you have to ask permission to take photos? gusto ko rin pumunta!

    thanks for letting us take a peek inside the daily life of our Muslim friends...

  5. ang ganda! wow! ito na talaga yung inggit ko lagpas PBcom Towers na lol.

  6. ang bangis talaga ni sir Christian oh! panalo na naman photography

  7. i read somewhere na naksama ang mosque ng manila sa mag most beautiful mosques in the world, it was written in a muslim blog somewhere. ganda ng mga anggulo mu tlga. dame mung fans Christian, kaya mag facebook ka na daw. haha

  8. thanks for touring us around. hindi ako magsasawang sabihin kung gano ka kagaling kumuha. Bravo! Hindi pa rin ako nakakapasok ng Mosque. I thought only Muslims are allowed in there.

  9. thanks pre, nakasama kita dito sa event na ito. . . . . karangalan ko makasama kita, set tayo ng photowalk =)

  10. Ganda, adding this as part of my itinerary of places i need to see when i visit manila again :-D

  11. Lestat
    Yes, my fave too! Sayang I should have sent that as my entry for the photowalk :P

    Francesbean, Kim, Supertikoy, Simurgh, Joniphilippines
    Thanks po!

    Batang Lakwatsero
    Kakagulat na si Imelda pala nagpagawa nung mosque at para kay Gadaffi pala yun hehe

    Salamat naman Doi!

    We have the go signal of one of their elders, our walk leaders talked to them prior to our visit :)

    Wow talaga nakasama sya? Nice! Something we Filipinos can be proud of.
    Haha yaw ko talaga mag FB ih. :P

    Malditang "Kura"cha
    Nagpaalam muna kami bago pumasok :)

    Congrats ulit pre for bagging the 1st place! Newbie pala ha hehe
    Tara photowalk sa Malabon Navotas hehe

    Just make sure na may guide ka pre para sureshot na makakapasok ka dun sa temple sir :)

  12. Ang galing naman . Ikaw na talaga =_)

  13. i remember our latest visit to istanbul's blue mosque...this one is also beautiful!

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  14. Chino
    Thanks :)

    I have really yet to set foot on the most beautiful mosques in our country which are located in Mindanao :)

  15. Dear brothers,
    I am from international Conference of Islamic Scholars, need an email address of Dr. Arab C. Agusm Ph.D.


    1. Hi Muhammad, unfortunately I don't have his contact number. I suggest you contact the mosque directly

  16. Hi, may I request for the phone number or mobile numbe of golden mosque & CULTURAL CENETER ALONG GLOBO DE ORO STREET QUIAPO MANILA for my marriage with my muslim fiancee

    1. Sorry but I don't have their number, you might try going there directly. :)

  17. Hi,
    Can you just go there anytime? We would want to go with my friends this Sunday, August 4.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, yes I think you can go there anytime. Just be respectful of the place and their customs

  18. Haay! As usual they're always stunning. Na explain ko na.

  19. Beautiful work. And respectful and u show your interest in their culture. Bravo.=)

    1. Thank you anonymous, every culture deserves respect :)

  20. Chris, do you see any women section in the mosque? I will be in Manila this Friday 27th Nov and I want to join the Friday prayer there but I bring my MOm along with me, I wonder is there any women section or room for women (my mom will not do praying-so i wonder is there a waiting room for my mom) Thank you very much brother!

    1. Hi Joe, I'm not really sure if there's a woman section along the mosque grounds.

  21. Wow lots of good info. and very good coverage of the mosque and its features.
    It sure is an magnificent addition to this place

    1. Thanks Sam! The mosque is a unique feature of Manila :)

  22. Awesome pics. I will definitely try to join Friday prayer (Jumuah) there on my visit to Manila next month. Salamat po :)