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Goco Ancestral House in Taal, Batangas

We wandered around the town of Taal despite the heat of the sun. Having no map on hand, we walked around aimlessly; our goal was to reach Caysasay Church, the other old church, at the far end of the municipality. Passing several old houses, we were surprised that a few were open to visitors like us. One of these was the ancestral home of the Goco Clan.

We were cordially greeted by two Filipiniana-dressed guides who welcomed us to check the old house. We were more than glad to do so.

The Goco Ancestral House StairwellThe Goco House was built in 1876 by husband and wife, Juan Cabrera Goco and Lorenza Deomampo. The man of the house served as a treasurer for the revolutionary forces in Taal during the Spanish occupation and earned him the trust of the townspeople. The house was restored in 1999 after Taal was declared a National Heritage Town by the National Historical Institute.

The house exemplifies the typical Filipino Bahay na Bato. The ground floor is made of stone, while the upper storey of wood.

Inside the Goco Ancestral House in Taal, Batangas

The ground floor houses a sort of museum showing photographs and publication clippings. Typical of this kind of homes, the dwelling is located at the upper floor, the ground relegated as a garage for carriages.

We were transported into the bygone days of Taal as we stepped into the foot-width plank floorings of the Goco House. Carved wooden lamps, intricately designed chairs, huge latticed capiz windows, ornate chairs, crystal chandeliers, haunting mosquito nets, old rocking chairs, opulent chest boxes; everything was as it should be.

The Goco Ancestral House Living RoomThe house was fresh and airy from the well-ventilated design of such homes despite its museum-like ambience.

We could have enjoyed the place better though if the guide manning the place had explained and elaborated the house and its occupant’s history.

After taking our requisite souvenir photos (guests are allowed to sit on some of the furniture) and giving our gratitude, it was time to check out the next house across the street, the Villavicencio Ancestral House.

Crystal Ornament on the Goco Ancestral House Dining Table


Goco Ancestral House
Address: Corner of Marella and Del Castillo Street, Taal, Batangas
Entrance Fee: Free
GPS Coordinates: 13°52'49.0"N 120°55'16.1"E


Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Saturday, August 27, 2011


  1. Interesting. I like places like these. That's why I love Vigan so much. :D

  2. the contrast of dark hardwood floors and white washed walls -- nothing beats ancestral houses talaga..^^

    OFF-TOPIC: 'nde masasayang ung oras mo sa FB.. Ilagay mo nalng ung clock/s mo sa ibang rooms ng bahay.. at tanggalin mo ung wristwatche mo.. pra nde ka ma pressure sa time pag nagFB ka.. =P

  3. may ancestral house din na katulad nito sa Lipa -- Casa de Segunda.. puntahan namin next time.. :) we agree with LaiMarie, nothing beats ancestral houses.. :)

  4. i love the wide windows--i wish we can still have this type of windows in the city [without fear of akyat-bahay gang]. the carved chairs are beautiful. terrific shot of the landing.

  5. reminded me of the TV series I used to love when I was still a kid, "BAYANI". hihihi! Nostalgic. Anyway, this post is very interesting. Sayang nga lang at walang nagkwento sa inyo. hay! =) Minsan gusto ko matulog sa mga ganyan.

  6. i agree. the typical bahay na bato has its ground floor used for storage and the like coz we have one authentic bahay na bato here in Pasig and it's still preserved like that Goco ancestral house. is there a fee to enter it?

  7. Kim
    Yes Vigan! I miss Vigan! =)

    Anything with history is very interesting for me =)

    Noted! Puntahan din namin next time yun, open sya for visitors?

    Luna Miranda
    Haha I get you, those kinds of windows are really nice, plus you won't ever need airconditioning =P

    Malditang "Kura"cha
    Sa Vigan and Silay City in Bacolod, may mga houses na ganyan na pwede mo tulugan =)

    No fee sir, totally free =)

  8. Ang ganda pala sa Taal. :) Buti naman napreserve pa din ang mga bahay dun. Sana makadalaw ako one of these days. Gusto ko kasi magpunta sa mga ancestral homes.

  9. yes sir, open siya sa mga visitors.. may entrance fee lang, kung hindi ako nagkakamali 30 pesos.. :)

  10. Di pa ako nakapasok dito kahit na taga taal ako.. or matagal na kasi akong di umuuwi.. Anyway sa mga may gusto pa pong makaalam about our town you may want to check our blog about Taal Batangas : courtesy of Gerry and Lheen Special Tapa and Longanisa

    Malapit lang sa palengke yan...

  11. Karla
    Yes it's nice that they still have old houses preserved in Taal


    I guess you should visit your hometown soon na :)

  12. meron po ba silang contact no.?if ever, pwede po bang mahingi? ang ganda po ng shots nyo sir!and syempre yung house. :)

  13. Anonymous
    Sorry sir but I didn't get their number eh

  14. There is no entrance fee at the Goco house. It's in Taal, Batangas, not in Vigan. :)

    1. Yup it is in Taal, Batangas, would you happen to know their contact number? :)

  15. Its corner Marella and Del Castillo Street in Taal.. :)

  16. Ancestral homes is what I am dreaming of! Hopefully after we buy this, house for sale in batangas, it will be our ancestral house in the future.