TRAVEL COLLAB | What to Know Before Moving to a City

Monday, June 14, 2021

Toronto Skyline

If your recent search history consists of “homes for sale in Toronto,” or if you’ve been considering the city life, you’ll want to keep reading. While moving to the city definitely has its perks, just as most things, there are some negatives as well.

We’re here to list some of the things you may not have known about city living.


Toronto Shopping

Living in a city comes at a price. Considering you will be in walking distance to most things, you can typically see a price tag that matches those benefits. It’s not unusual to see higher prices on housing, taxes, utilities, food, etc., within the city limits.

Have you ever noticed gas prices in a city and then you travel a few miles to only see a drastic difference?


Toronto CBD

With the higher costs of living in the city, luckily it’s not uncommon to see salaries increased to meet those financial needs. While this doesn’t mean that every job available in the city comes with a high salary, it does however mean that companies take into consideration the high costs of living. Or if you prefer a lower living cost, you may choose a home listing alert for Hattiesburg or your city.


Toronto Night

Safety is something to consider when moving to a new city. Research the city you are considering to learn about where the higher crime rates are seen, and opt to avoid those areas.


Toronto Train

Depending on which city you are planning to move to, it’s not unusual to see a change in transportation compared to rural living. A majority of major cities have transportation systems via bus, train, or subway. In some cities you will benefit from owning a car while in others you will not.

Investigate if the city you are moving to can get you to the places you need to go solely with their public transportation system.


Toronto Housing

When living in a city, you can expect to see smaller houses or apartments for higher prices. You can also expect the housing market to be more competitive. If you are wanting to own a home in a city, like say, if you’re looking for apartments for rent in Tampa, make sure you are aware of all of the costs that come with home ownership such as taxes and utility rates.


Toronto Night Life

Cities come with endless amenities. Some are a few miles away from major airports, high quality medical facilities, or endless miles of walking trails. Determine what amenities are important to you and ensure the city you have in mind can check those boxes.

City life also has a ton of activities, events, and nightlife available for you. Again, this depends on your interests and what you see yourself wanting to do on a regular basis. Establishing a list of all of your needs and wants and researching what cities can best match them will solidify your decision to move to a new city.

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