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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Mekong River

When it comes to heading out on a vacation, more and more people want to avoid clichés like going to one place and spending a week there. And it’s understandable–it gets boring after a while and you want something to change things up.

If this sounds like you, a river cruise is probably right up your alley. It’s a way to visit multiple exotic destinations at once, with minimal downtime between ports and an enjoyable experience overall. To add to this, opting for private cruise charters will get you a tailored experience like no other, and you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful vacation in some amazing places.

Speaking of amazing places, if you’re keen on a bit of adventure, here are some of the world’s finest river cruise destinations–all you have to do is pick the one you like best and book a cruise!


Mekong River

A destination that’s incredibly rich in terms of culture and heritage, the Mekong River is a witness to over 2,000 years of history. Heading out on a cruise here will have you moving along beautiful countryside with mesmerizing views all around, and you’ll get to enjoy history as you’ve never seen it before. The river is the world’s 12th longest river, at 4,350 kilometers long, and the lower basin offers a lot to explore.

In terms of culture, one of the largest things you’ll witness is the rich history and cultural heritage of the Khmer Empire, which ruled the area from the 9th up until the 15th century. There is a myriad of temples and cultural sites to explore, and each one is incredibly beautiful. Then there’s Theravada Buddhism, a school of Buddhism inspired by the Tipitaka, which by many is considered to be the earliest record of the teachings of the Buddha.

But it’s not just culture, it’s also nature that you get to enjoy. The Mekong’s lower basin is home to a variety of fish species, many of which are important for the survival of the people who live in the vicinity. There are also the water birds, species of which you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, and of course, the rice fields that are honestly unmatched in their beauty, all while being a major source of food for the locals.


Amazon River

An incredibly popular destination, heading out on a cruise along the Amazon River will let you enjoy the world’s largest rainforest and get as close to it as possible. The Amazon rainforest comes with the largest collection of plant life on Earth, and there’s also the fact that about a third of all animal species of the world call it their home. These two things make it a paradise for nature lovers. And with the Amazon being (sometimes) the largest river in the world at 6,575 kilometers long, there’s plenty for you to explore.

A trip into the Amazon is only possible by boat, and heading out on a private charter cruise will have you being toured by experienced guides who know exactly where to point you. And with so many wildlife and plant species to enjoy, you do want a guide that can show you the ropes and not have you miss out on anything.

To add to this, you’ve got the shore excursions of a river cruise, which in many situations have you wandering through wildlife reserves where you can enjoy some incredible scenery all around, as well as stunning animals in their natural habitat. It’s a sight to behold, and one that can’t really be explained with words.


Nile River

Egypt has a lot to offer for travelers, but if you want to avoid chaotic traffic and the tropical heat in the desert, a cruise along the Nile is how you get to experience the best of Egypt. There’s plenty for you to see and do along Africa’s longest river, which comes in at 6,650 kilometer long. The Nile trades with the Amazon River when it comes to being the world’s longest, which is where that “sometimes” comes from, and both have been trading the title for years.

Heading out on a cruise will have you visiting some incredibly beautiful places. The Pyramids of Giza are a prime example, and so are the Sphinx and the Luxor temple–all monuments of a beautiful history. The Egyptian Museum gives you a chance to learn a lot about history, and it’s a marvelous place to visit. You will also get the opportunity to visit Cairo, Egypt’s capital, and a city that gives you quite a lot to explore, being one of Africa’s and the Middle East’s largest cities.

A potential downside to a Nile River cruise is the scorching heat you might need to deal with, Egypt being an incredibly hot place. But if that’s something you’re okay with, a Nile River cruise is a brilliant idea.

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