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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Five Top Things to Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the stunning capital of Denmark, seems like something that came out of a fairy tale. A fairy tale place it might as well be as this picturesque city has everything that travelers could ask for. There are plenty of sights and activities to experience in Copenhagen that wouldn’t fit any amount of planning for the perfect itinerary.

A rich history, stunning architecture, a clean environment, delicious cuisine, stunning sights, and so much more, Copenhagen is a top destination for travelers all around the world. One of the best ways to reach this stunning is to take a flight with Spicejet Airlines.

The scope of great experiences in Copenhagen couldn’t possibly fit in just a few days luckily there are cheap flights to Copenhagen that allows you to visit often. So I’ve compiled a top-five list of the things to do in Copenhagen that visitors shouldn’t miss.


Cycle Through the Cobbled Streets of the City

Copenhagen is famous for its open and clean cobbled streets that pedestrians can easily access. In fact, the best way to see the city is by renting a bicycle. Cycling through the cobbled streets is the most used form of transportation by the locals. Experience an authentic way to move around the city and see its sites and attractions.

Get the best experience exploring the many boutiques, museums, cafes, and markets of Copenhagen by renting a bicycle. There is no shortage of companies that offers bike rentals, many of which offers high tech ones complete with built-in GPS.


Explore Copenhagen’s Harbor by Going on A Boat Trip

Copenhagen Harbor Boat Tour

One of the best ways to get familiar with Copenhagen is by visiting its iconic harbor where the scenic colorful townhouses are lined overlooking the water. What’s the best way to see Copenhagen’s harbor? It’s by going on a boat trip. Just like with renting a bike, there are plenty of companies along the harbor that rent out all kinds of boats. People can go on groups, by couples, or singles. There are even boat rentals that require no boating experience.


Spend Time in Nature at the City’s Botanical Garden

Copenhagen Botanical Garden

Other than the beautiful clean waters of Copenhagen’s harbor, travelers can spend time in nature within the city’s many parks and gardens. The best and largest place to get fresh air is at the City’s Botanical Garden. The garden is located within a huge glasshouse that houses 10 hectares of diverse plant species. The humongous glasshouse dates back from the 1870s and is located at the center of the city.

There is plenty of different environments to visit within the glasshouse, including a butterfly house, rock gardens, and many more. There’s even a small shop within the garden where visitors can buy souvenirs.


Sunbathe or Swim at Amager Strandpark

Amager Strandpark

The time to visit Copenhagen is during the summer when the sun is out. It may not be a well-known fact but Copenhagen is home to a 5km long stretch of sandy beach, locally known as Amager Strandpark. It’s the best place to sunbathe on the clean sandy beach and swim at the water. During a sunny day, Amager Strandpark attracts people for its sandy beach and watersports like kitesurfing and kayaking. Other than Amager Strandpark, Copenhagen’s harbor is a great place to swim because of its clean waters and beautiful scenery.


Learn the History of Denmark at Nationalmuseet

Denmark Nationalmuseet

Copenhagen is also home to the National Museum of Denmark. It’s a must-visit destination for people traveling to the city. Denmark posses a rich history that dates back to the bronze age and the Viking age. The National Museum boasts to have a huge collection of artifacts that spans through the different ages of Denmark’s history. There are plenty more museums in Copenhagen that travelers can visit, a few examples of which are Statens Museum for Kunst, Frederiksberg Museum, and The Design Museum Denmark.



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  1. Amazing photos! Copenhagen is a really beautiful city. I went there a few years back. Even in the winter it's still beautiful. I find the Danes friendly.