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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

As software and technology gadgets are updated and changed due to the constant evolution of our world, it is also imperative for the specialists to improve their skills to meet these new requirements. This is the reason why Microsoft offers the 70-417 certification exam – to help the individuals upgrade their skill set.

MCSA: Windows Server 2012 is a very important certificate in the IT world, and if you want to earn it, you need to be ready to take the Microsoft MCSA 70-417 Practice Tests. The exam is aimed at providing the specialists with the knowledge on how to effectively use new servers. So if you are one of those who want to update their skills but you only know how to use old server versions, it is the best time to upgrade your expertise to remain relevant in the job market.



Some Basic Details of Microsoft 70-417 Exam

The Microsoft 70-417 exam is a combination of three tests. You will come across questions on all these exams, so you need to be prepared for this. The following are the certification tests that make up 70-417:

· Microsoft 70-410
· Microsoft 70-411
· Microsoft 70-412

Microsoft counts a lower score from all these three tests. Therefore, it is important that you are well prepared in order to pass all the exams that makeupMicrosoft70-417. This certification test is intended for those candidates who want to prove that they possess the experience and knowledge necessary to implement the core architecture services of Windows Server 2012. It is essential to learn the new features of the new Microsoft upgrades on its server technology. This is the main reason why you should pass Microsoft 70-417. You can make sure that your skills remain relevant every time. The exam fee is $165.


Main Reasons Why Microsoft 70-417 Exam Is Important

1. You Skills Will Remain Relevant.
In your career, it is important to ensure that your skills are relevant to the current trends in the market. Microsoft is constantly updating and adding extra features to its products and services, and this means that you will require additional skills.If you do not upgrade your skill set, you will become obsolete, and this will limit your ability to grow your expertise in your career. The worst-case scenario is that you can easily lose your job because most employers prefer those applicants with the latest skills on new server technology.

2. You Will Get a Microsoft Leading Certification.

Passing the Microsoft 70-417 exam will help you get MCSA: Windows Server 2012 that is an in-demand credential. Currently, any IT certification can open up a lot of opportunities for you especially if you are looking for a decent job. It is also known that the individuals with this associate-level certificate tend to command high pay.

3. You Will Be Dependable and Indispensable.
No one likes to lose their job because it is such a painful experience. But if you pass the Microsoft 70-417 exam, you can have peace of mind knowing that your job is secure and you will still be useful in your workplace. Your employer will continue to depend on you because you are still delivering quality work in an advanced way.

4. You Will Get More Opportunities.
When you upgrade your skills, you are likely to be in high demand. The employers and the organizations usually prefer those individuals who are always updating their skill set and knowledge. When you pass the Microsoft 70-417 exam, you will prove to your boss that you are ready to embrace new opportunities.With the MCSA: Window Server 2012 certification, you can get a job as a Windows system administrator, a senior server specialist, or a technical support administrator.

5. You Will Find a Way to Higher Certifications.
MCSA: Windows Server 2012 will help you obtain additional Microsoft certifications. When you earn this credential, you can proceed to the next one which is MCSE: Core Infrastructure.


Preparation Process for Microsoft 70-417 Exam

There are so many ways to prepare for the 70-417 certification exam. Microsoft offers several study materials and training courses that can help you pass this test. A good example is the 20417D instructor-led course, which is offered by Microsoft itself and also other authorized resources. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you verify the information that you have found or the sources that you have chosen to ensure that you are getting only the best.

The best way to study for Microsoft 70-417 is to take practice tests. You can get them together with study guides from a reliable website – ExamSnap. On this platform, you can find several tests uploaded by the real students and verified by the IT professionals. All these files are uploaded in a format that will be compatible with the VCE simulator, which is also offered on this site.

We recommend that you start preparing for Microsoft 70-417 early enough so that you will have ample time to cover different topics. When you use practice tests from ExamSnap to prepare for this certification exam, you will be able to gauge yourself on areas that are difficult and then focus on studying them.But don’t forget that just getting prep resources will not be enough. You need to use them wisely and combine in the right order. That is why you need to develop a study plan where you will be able to allocate everything through all the time that you have left.


We live in a world where new technologies are emerging every day. This means that if you are an IT professional, you should be prepared for any changes that arise in this industry. The best way to do so is to update your skills and obtain the relevant certification such as MSCA: Windows Server 2012. Head over to ExamSnap where you will get all the resources to prepare for your Microsoft 70-417 test and get high results.



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