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Sunday, December 15, 2019



Climbing up the IT career ladder has many paths. There are surely a lot of options for what you can do. One particular way is in dealing with computer networks and security. This includes administering entire systems and networks to allow businesses or organizations to function efficiently. If you have chosen this path, there is a particular accreditation that is recognized around the world and is undoubtedly going to stand out in your CV when you apply to different companies, and that is the CCNP Routing and Switching certification issued by Cisco. This leading IT vendor offers credentials in such domains as Security, Collaboration, IoT, Design, to mention a few.

So, if routing and switching is the path of your interest, you can start your way from getting the CCNA R&S credential first, then having experience in dealing with networks and issues that occur there, can advance your skills by obtaining the CCNP R&S certification, and, to reach the peak of your career move forward to earn the CCIE R&S badge. So, the routing and switching track gives you a place to grow professionally.

Given that this article is dedicated to the Cisco CCNP R&S certification, let’s consider what kind of accreditations it is.



The CCNP R&S badge is designed for those candidates that have at least 1 year of experience in the networking field, and need skills to complete tasks that require implementing complex network solutions. This credential is for you if your dream is to become a network engineer, systems or support engineer.

It is valid for three years, and to get it every candidate is recommended to have the current CCNA R&S or any CCIE credential. Earning this badge means that you have the skills and knowledge to plan, implement, verify, and trouble different types of networks. It also means that you are a specialist when it comes to secure networks and implement the latest technologies. Also, the accreditation increases your importance in the labor market, and positively affects the salary as well as career prospects. Thus, the CCNP R&S certified specialists earn annually about $94,000.

In this article, we’ll cover the way how you can Pass IT Tests and on the example of 300-115 test show you how to pass such exams. Now, let’s focus on how you can obtain one of the most in-demand certifications.



To earn CCNP R&S accreditation, you will need to pass three exams:

- 300-101 ROUTE
This exam is going to test your knowledge and skills in routing. As a networking professional, it is crucial to keep your data routed in the most scalable and secure way possible.

- 300-115 SWITCH

This test will certify your knowledge and skills when it comes to advanced switching. You are expected to plan, configure, and verify the implementation of various enterprise-level switching solutions for more efficient data transfer within the network.

- 300-135 TSHOOT

As an IT engineer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your routed and switched networks perform smoothly. This test ensures that you are capable of carrying out regular maintenance on the systems that you manage and use the best practices to implement your troubleshooting routine.



Being well-prepared for your exam, is half of your success at the exam. On the example of Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks or simply 300-115 test, you’ll see how you can ace the exam. Below are some resources that will help your readiness period.



One of the ways that you can prepare for the CCNP 300-115 test is by leveraging self-study materials published by Cisco. It is your reliable assistant number 1. The vendor offers you to use the material that covers every possible exam topic that is contained in the test. If you like to study at your own pace, you can check study material master list or take a video course or take advantage of joining the Cisco official study group for example. There you can discuss and share ideas with other members sitting for the same test. If there are topics that confuse you, this is the place to ask for help so you can clarify it right away.

Also, you can seek assistance from Amazon. As one of the best websites, it will supply every test taker with all the necessary updated information. will be your reliable assistant during your prep period and the guarantor of the triumphal result.

If you are on a tight budget check YouTube website to find the useful information on 300-115 test posted by the successful candidates, or IT experts that share the tips of passing it with you.



After studying the official 300-115 study guide, there might be topics that may not be explained as clearly in the book or videos thus training courses are what you need. First, visit the vendor’s official website and find the instructor-led classroom training that they offer. What can be better than asking an IT expert to explain the issue that appears incomprehensible to you?

Searching the Internet, check the website that offers a training course for each CCNP RS&S exam. Having been compiled by IT experts, you can get 98 lectures to study for 300-115 test at an affordable price of $9.99.



One of the most valuable studies and preparation techniques is to answer practice exams. It is helpful if, at times, you can put yourself in “exam mode” and answer questions like you are at the exam and feel what’s it like to be under the time pressure. In 300-115 test, you’ll need to answer from 45 to 55 questions within 2 hours, and you should be prepared for it.

At - a popular provider of practice tests- you can get the files to assess your mastery of the CCNP 300-115 Switch topics. This online platform offers free updated files uploaded by the recent test takers. Moreover, here you can get their premium bundle, which comes with an exam dump that contains 934 questions and answers verified by IT experts, a training course and a study guide. This bundle will cost you $24,99. The best part about it is that these dumps are opened with the ETE Software, which dives you into the real exam environment. Having opened the questions for 300-115 test on the ETE Exam Simulator, you will be able to experience what “exam mode” feels like and sharpen your time management skills as well.



Passing 300-115 exam plays a crucial role in getting your career prospects, as it’s an essential step on your way of getting the CCNP R&S certification. As soon as you gain your accreditation, opportunities will surely open up and give you a good bump in terms of position and salary. Here are some of the best job positions you can apply for with this certification.

1. Network Engineer (Average Salary $83,000)
2. Technical Support Engineer (Average Salary $72,000)
3. Information Technology Manager (Average Salary $93,000)
4. Senior IT Network Administrator (Average Salary $88,000)
5. Systems Engineer (Average Salary $80,000)

These career opportunities are proof that taking 300-115 exam and getting CCNP R&S certification is worth doing. Getting certified is the best variant if you want to take your career to the next level. It may not be the easiest path, but with proper preparation, it is undoubtedly something that you can accomplish.



As networking technology advances, especially those in routing and switching to make networks more efficient so does the need for professionals with the right set of knowledge and skills. Taking the CCNP 300-115 exam with the two others and earning the CCNP R&S certification is the proof of your competence in the field of networking. Simply be well-prepared for the exam, by using the prep materials offered on the Cisco website, Amazon and YouTube. Also, get assistance from practice tests at That will surely help you master all the topics and get yourself ready, to ace your 300-115 test on your first try.



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