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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Many people believe that traveling means only comfort, even they are wearing ugly baggy clothes and footwear that has lost its shape long ago. However, traveling is where you show yourself, make an impression on other people and, who knows, maybe make new friends and business contacts. Hence, an ugly or careless look is unacceptable.

Yes, you may not believe it, but comfortable clothes and stylish clothes may mean the same. Don’t you believe that high heels that cause problems by walking are stylish? The same applies to traveling clothes, and custom essay writing service knows that. You may be both stylish and dressed comfortably, just pay attention to these “don’t do things”, and you will be okay:

● don’t wear slippers in your trip unless you are walking to a beach
● loose hair looks good at a party, but during a trip, it gets messy and might be a cause of additional discomfort for others
● if you love your perfume, it doesn’t mean that others like it as well, try to be very modest with perfumes during the trip, and better use an odorless deodorant
● high heels? Come on, just imagine what your feet will look like after a couple of hours on an airplane or a train!


Some More Details

While traveling, you get new contacts and who knows how it might work out for you. Some people find their employees and business partners during a trip, others might find the love of their life. Options are unlimited, and all depends, to a big extent, on how you are dressed.

Do you seriously believe that somebody will offer a managerial position to a guy who looks homeless? Or maybe you believe that a beautiful lady will fall in love with you if you poison her with your ultra-strong perfume odor? Hence, a stylish but appropriate look during any trip is a must if you have the basics of self-respect. That is valid both for men and women, by the way.


Convenient Clothes

Well, it is clear that an evening dress looks odd when you are traveling, even if you believe that you are a super-star. Keep it for a party, and for a trip, better put on something more comfortable.


For a Man

A man can wear jeans or comfortable trousers, a T-shirt or a sweater. Anything can be good as long as it is convenient, looks nice and doesn’t need ironing. What about leather or textile flats? By all means avoid slippers, because they are appropriate only for home or going to the beach.


For a Lady

Why not try jeans or convenient trousers? You will look self-confident and nice. A nice T-shirt, a sweater or a blouse will complete your look. High heels? You’d better keep them for a party, but not for a trip. Yes, they may look nice during the first couple of hours, but then, after your feet get tired, you will look rather like a grasshopper than an elegant lady. You don’t want that, do you?

Remember as well that loose hair is good for a party or a short walk, but not for a long trip. Even leave all those people who will suffer from your hair entering their eyes and mouths, disturbing them. Loose hair gets messy easily. Moreover, until the end of an active day, it will get dirty, and you can believe, it doesn’t make you look more beautiful.



Many love sunglasses. First of all, they always look elegant. Secondly, they protect your eyes. However, make sure you remove them when you are talking to a person. Otherwise, you will make an impression of being completely impolite.


What About Money?

Money matters. Nobody wants s to discover that his card is blocked, or the bank has imposed limitations on withdrawals. That is why you should visit your bank. Inform them that you are going to be away for a while and make sure that your card is safe, with all the money in it. Even if they assure you that all is fine, write a letter and inform where you are going to and request not to block or limit your card.


Quality Luggage

Have you ever thought about it or you use whatever you can find in the closet shop? Your luggage provides protection for your clothes. Do you believe a cheap bag can do it properly?

Low-quality luggage can be broken during the trip. You don’t want to be collecting your things in the middle of the airport or on a train platform. This is inconvenient and, moreover, you can even miss your flight.

Your luggage needs to organize your things properly. Do you want to have the things you use more often available? However, those, that you will not use during the trip itself, may be stored in the depth of the luggage.



Traveling not only means rest but plenty of new impressions, new contacts, and new opportunities. Every single detail in you matters when it comes to the impression you make on people. This single detail might open you a door to a new life or close this door. It all depends on you.



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