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My mom’s birthday was last month, so I decided to surprise her with..a trip to Japan! Now my mom has never been to Japan, so I really want to make this trip worthwhile and enjoyable for her.

Usually, when I travel with my parents, I try to rent a car. It’s hard for older people, especially those with knee and hip problems, to keep up with the fast pace of Japanese public transport. My mom also shops a LOT, so having a car would make things much, much easier in this case.

Tabirai is not a car rental company, it’s an online portal for comparing rental car companies and online reservation for rental cars. It’s an online car rental portal and booking service that allows foreigners to rent a car from outside Japan, and then pick it up when they arrive. The website is entirely in English, and really easy to use. Tabirai even has a friendly English guide for first-time users of their site.


Tabirai offers cars from major rental companies, at very reasonable prices (maximum 50% off from fixed prices). Their pricing system is also easy to understand - rental car charges, basic insurance, collision damage waiver, consumption tax and the charges for English GPS are included in the final price. What I liked most was that Tabirai includes English GPS for free - not many rental companies in Japan do that, and for foreign visitors it’s definitely a lot more convenient to drive with English GPS. NOC compensation insurance (insurance from individual car rental companies) is optional and can be added on the date of rental.

As Japan’s highway tolls use the ETC system, Tabirai also offers users an option to include an ETC unit in the car. ETC cards, however, need to be rented separately after reservation, by logging in to the Reservation Information Box using the ID and password that Tabirai will provide in their confirmation email. The fee for a card is JPY300.00.

I was also concerned about Tabirai’s cancellation policy, as we may have to change our trip dates for certain reasons. Thankfully, Tabirai has a fantastic cancellation policy that allows users to cancel reservations for free right up to 7 days before pickup date. Cancellation can be done through the website, by simply logging into the Reservation Information page and clicking Cancel.


Booking with Tabirai is a breeze. Unlike other car rental companies, Tabirai does not require users to create an account or sign up for any form of membership beforehand. There is also no need to provide credit card details when booking. All that is needed to secure the reservation is to fill in the online booking form. The preferred mode of payment is via credit card, which can be done when picking up the car.

Thanks to Tabirai, I have my fingers crossed that this trip will be fantastic!

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Thursday, January 18, 2018


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