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Underrated Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons usually run under traditional scenarios; newlyweds go to world-famous places like Seychelles or Santorini, Paris or Venice. There is nothing wrong about it. But what if you long for something non-clich├ęd and affordable? I suggest that you have a look at less publicized destinations–they are free of the hustle and bustle and let young family couples deepen their knowledge about our world. Going to one of these places is a good way to impress a Ukrainian girl.


Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

When we talk about Africa, many people imagine the endless deserts inhabited by Bedouins, yet this continent is extremely diverse. In particular, South Africa is famous for its riot of colors and rich animal life. Did you know that even penguins live here too? Cape Town is, in fact, a large international port and a big city with exciting life. It satisfies your every need–whether you’d like to go on a tranquil beach vacation or a wine-tasting tour, take up sports or see the wonders of nature.


Langkawi, Malaysia


There is no doubt that Southeast Asia is a traveler’s paradise and Malaysia is often overlooked by newlyweds while it provides the ultimate romance for low prices. Langkawi is the main island of the homonymous archipelago. Unspoiled by excessive tourist flows, it has recently become one of the main eco-tourism centers on the planet. There are plenty of non-natural attractions too and you’d better rent a car to see them all. If you long for something unconventional, go cruising in Langkawi on a yacht. If you meet Ukrainian woman and you plan your wedding and honeymoon, consider this option.


Rovinj, Croatia


How about a budget Venice honeymoon? Years ago, Croatia was part of the Venetian Republic so this medieval town gives you the whole spectrum of Italian amusements. It’s got the same narrow streets with bright houses, classy restaurants, shops of all kinds, and access to the Adriatic Sea. You can even ride a gondola there! By the way, citizens officially speak two languages–Croatian and Italian. One of the biggest advantages of Rovinj is that it is free of crowds in comparison to popular tourist spots in Italy.


Reykjavik, Iceland


Iceland is usually not included in lists of the greatest destinations ever. This is totally unfair! If you love wilderness and would like to extend the horizons of your mind, natural sites of Iceland are what you need. Besides, its capital city of Reykjavik gathers all the major historical and cultural remains. Don’t forget to go to the Blue Lagoon Spa just 40 km north-west of the city: it features not only geothermal swimming pools but also the series of caves and safari options.


Hokkaido, Japan


Have you ever thought about rushing to the Japanese final frontier? In spite of being the second largest island in the country, Hokkaido is low-populated and most of its territory covered with unique national parks. Well, you shouldn’t hunt for luxury here; it’s rather a destination for those who love adventures in the wild. The island is great for visiting all year round because of its seasonal attractions and fascinating landscape. It also provides the insight into the culture of local indigenous people, the Ainu.


Lapland, Finland


Of course, this is primarily an option for winter lovebirds. There is a funny reason why you should never date a Russian woman, because she loves cold. We all know that Santa Claus lives here and during the cold season, you’ll find all the stuff needed for a perfect romantic holiday. But you are free to go to Lapland in summer too–there are many landmarks to see and adventures to take. And there is definitely no better place to enjoy the Northern Lights beautifully reflected by the snow.


Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Saturday, June 24, 2017


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