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Where else can you witness an energetic volcano spitting out lava high above you? A sight like this makes Vanuatu a country worth making the effort to check out. Resorts are plentiful in Efate and Santo. These islands boast excellent roads, offering you a smooth accessibility to stunning beaches.

This main island in Vanuatu hums with activities whether educational, commercial, or for entertainment. Drive around to access the islands, bays, and high cliffs. Efate has two deep-water anchorages—the Havannah Harbour and Vila Bay. Drive around Efate along the coastline to pass by coconut vineyards, cattle stations, and rough inlets. It’s easy to gain access to the little islands up in the northern part, Pele, Nguna, and Port Havannah.

There are direct flights weekly from Brisbane to Santo that bring in hikers keen to explore the Millennium Cave. You can swoon over the Million Dollar Point site and the remnants of the WWWII, and witness the stunning beaches that stretch all the way to the northeast. Snorkelers can also dive in the world’s “best wreck”, the SS Coolidge, which is comparable to the Titanic.

Far into the villages of Santo you will see locals dressed in woven leaves, but are totally self sufficient. Most people in Vanuatu live a simple life and eat food from their very own garden produce.
Getting In and Around Vanuatu
You may book flights to Vanuatu with their national airline, Air Vanuatu, which operates widely in a domestic network. Another option is Belair, which is relatively cheaper but less reliable.

In Port Vila, there are buses that seat at least 10 people and mostly travel along the highway and stop where you would like them to go. You can easily tell which buses are these because their license plates begin with a "B". The buses are used by locals, yet are extremely pleasant, low-cost, and also very easy to use by travelers. Fare is typically calculated per person. It usually costs 150 Vatu (AUD$ 1.5) per person anywhere around Port Vila.

Taxis are plentiful especially in Port Vila. Their license plates start with a “T” and fare is calculated per taxi.

In Vila, Efate, Lugainville, and Tanna, there are buses. Anywhere else, there will be vehicles on the road although not all the time. Chartering is the best way to go but it can be expensive. If you decide to walk around (most islands are not too huge), you may hitchhike with locals. If a truck goes to you and drops you off some place on the way, this is usually free. However, if they head out their way just to fetch you, and bring you somewhere you want to go, this is considered a charter.

Overall, Vanuatu is a safe and secure place. However, it’s best to take precautions anywhere you go. You are not likely to encounter any trouble with the locals but be wary of poisonous aquatic animals when snorkeling, swimming, or diving anywhere in Vanuatu.


Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Thursday, December 3, 2015


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